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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and terms of use of the site:
Charity Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" publishes this privacy policy and terms of use of the website in order to avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts with users.

​1. The user must not influence and interfere with the operation of this site or access the information published on this site, other than through the standard interface.
2. The visitor, using this site, must comply with the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as the terms of use of the site. If the site administration discovers a violation by the visitor when using the site or the law, or the terms of use of the site, it can suspend or completely block the visitor's access to the site.
3. On the website, the user is prohibited in any way from questioning the territorial integrity of Ukraine, calling for a violent change of the state system, promoting violence, gender, racial intolerance, as well as intolerance and discrimination on the basis of nationality, as well as sexual orientation of the individual. It is also forbidden to use obscene language. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, the user may be denied access to the possibility of commenting, or to the site as a whole.
4. Collection and use of personal data:
4.1. Personal data is information or a set of information about a natural person who is identified or can be identified.
4.2. A visitor to https: may be asked to enter personal information, including first name, last name, email address, phone number.
4.3. When registering on the website the visitor gives his consent to the administration to process his personal and registration data. If the visitor decides to provide his personal data, he thereby gives his consent to the transfer and storage of this data.
4.4. Charitable Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" reserves the right to collect data about visits to the site or connections that pass through the site. This information may include information about the Internet connection, traffic and the duration of the user's work on the Internet.
4.5. Personal data of visitors is used to facilitate the use of the site by visitors, to record their interests and preferences in the implementation of editorial policy, as well as to analyze user behavior. Personal data is used in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data", "On information", "On the protection of information in information and telecommunication systems", ND TZI 2.5-010-03 "Requirements for the protection of information on WEB pages against unauthorized access" .
4.6. Charitable foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" reserves the right to store personal data for an unlimited period of time.
4.7 The server of the site temporarily registers the domain name or IP address of the visitor's computer, as well as the access date, files (file name and URL), HTTP response code and web - the site from which the visitor got to the site, the number of bytes transferred during the session.
4.8. The website uses cookies. With their help, the visitor's browser can be identified. User settings and other information can be saved in these files. The visitor can configure the browser to reject all cookies or to notify when they are sent. Cookies are used to make  safe, secure and user-friendly. Cookies provide support for security functions and their launch, as well as allow monitoring of violations of the privacy policy and terms by visitors. They help estimate the number and frequency of requests, as well as detect and block those visitors or devices that attempt to perform batch downloads of information from a website.
4.9. Using the Google Analytics system, the EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS Charitable Foundation collects statistics on site visits. This includes information about visited pages, the number of page views, information that was downloaded, the countries of origin of visitors, as well as information about how to enter the agency's website, etc. None of these actions are associated with the visitor personally and are measured only in the aggregate.
4.10 Charitable Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" takes appropriate security measures for the collection, storage and processing of collected data to protect them from unauthorized access, change, disclosure of your personal information.
4.11 Charity Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" does not sell or exchange personal information of users.
5. The site may contain links to sites that do not belong to the "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" Charitable Foundation.
6. Charitable Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" has the right to provide any personal information of visitors to the website at the request of law enforcement agencies, by court order or as part of other legal procedures, or as otherwise required by with the current legislation of Ukraine.
7. Charitable Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" is not responsible for lost profit or lost profit, unearned income, loss of data or any other damages of website visitors, if such occurred while using the site.
8. Charitable Foundation "EMPIRE OF HAPPINESS" does not guarantee and does not claim that

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